Meet the Organizations with Giving Tuesday: Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly in Hancock was the international group’s very first location in the United States. Over their many years of service they have expanded to include meal delivers during the holiday, weekly groceries, chopped up fire wood and fellowship events throughout the year. Little brothers has regularly worked with the Portage Health Foundation, and has been involved with their Giving Tuesday campaign since its inception.

“That is so key, for Little Brothers, and we are so grateful for that part of it. That we can use this money where what the needs happen to be, or how things might change. Like our wood program for example. It goes strong in the fall. But if we have a hard winter, we end up with a lot of people who need extra help. So to know that we can shift money to help with that, is so important.” –  Cathy Cass – Aten, Executive Director Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly.

Throughout the year, Little Brothers coordinates over 18,000 pounds of groceries delivered all over the Copper County. In the fall they have firewood cut by brothers of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. And regularly visit with seniors at fellowship events or at home. One service that the group is very proud to provide involves driving seniors to medical appointments. If you would like to learn more about the Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly check them out online at