Meet the Organizations with Giving Tuesday: Omega House

Omega House cares for seniors in the copper country, and seeks to ensure quality end of life care. The group has been able to care for many elders in the community by keeping their fees relatively low to no cost for low income individuals. Omega House’s mission lines up with the Portage health Foundation’s own, especially due to the foundations goal is to create a happier and healthier community at all stages of life and ability.

“Our goal with the funds that are raised  through Giving Tuesday, have always been to go directly back to helping those with fewer resources to afford the cost here. The money isn’t restricted, however we have a plan already, and funds set aside for for house improvements. So the our goal is really to keep these funds going to help more members in the community, who have been faced with a terminal illness afford the cost to come here.” – Michael Lutrz, Executive director, Omega House

Omega House has used the funds from Giving Tuesday in the past to help keep their fees low in the community. They have also worked recently to replace and update needed equipment in their kitchen, and other areas of the facility. Omega House is happy to share with the many other groups involved with Giving Tuesday this year. Giving Tuesday with the Portage Health Foundation is next Tuesday. Check out–tuesday to find out more about the event, and how to donate to any of the incredible nonprofit organizations who work throughout the copper country’s communities.