Meet the Organizations with Giving Tuesday: 31 Backpacks

31 Backpacks works with schools  throughout the Copper Country to make sure every students has a full meal on the weekends, and even during school breaks. The effort that the organization takes on is large, and feeding hundreds of kids has not been untouched by issues with the economy. 31 Backpacks is able to stretch every donation given to them, by working with the western u p food bank, and local grocers to source items like fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as items that the food bank has run low on. For the past few years the group has earned community support through events such as the portage health foundation’s giving Tuesday campaign.

“Not only preparing for our big pack, but keeping our pantries full at all times has become extremely important. It’s not something we can do a little bit later down the line. The bulk majority of the money that we raise goes toward food and personal hygiene products. We do maintain two pantries. One at the Horizons School in Mohawk. That’s the alternative high school. That one was so successful, we opened another pantry at Washington Middle School in the Calumet school district. That is open to all students.” – Melissa Maki, Vice President 31 Backpacks

31 Backpacks has found that they can serve students best, when they open up the program to all. As allowing all students to pick up  a free meal helps discourage behaviors like bullying. During the year the organization holds weekly packs to fill up their in school pantries. As well as their big pack events, typically scheduled ahead of winter and spring break for schools. Find out more about 31 Backpacks, volunteer opportunities, and how they work with schools to make sure no students goes hungry, check them out on facebook.