Keweenaw Faiths united are Dedicating Peace Poles Tomorrow near the Lift Bridge

Tomorrow is the international day of peace. With the annual celebration Keweenaw Faiths United will dedicate the peace poles in Houghton and Hancock. In the Copper Country there are six peace poles in total, two at Bridgeview Park in  Houghton, and the Hancock labyrinth and campground as well as the calumet arts center. Peace poles typically have four to six sides, displaying a different language on a plaque reading, “May Peace Prevail on Earth”. Each peace pole will feature the phrase in English and translated into another language. The poles in Hancock feature the languages of the city’s founders, English, French, Croatian, and Italian. In front of Bridgeview Park the two poles there feature eight languages in total including; Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Mandarin, Ojibway, Spanish, and Ukrainian. There is also a peace pole on Finlandia University’s campus, that one features dog paws, American sign language and Finnish.

At tomorrow’s dedication, Finlandia Campus Pastor Sarah Semmler Smith, and Good Sheppard Lutheran Pastor Bucky peach will speak, and the event will include a walk across the Portage Lake Lift Bridge from the Hancock Labyrinth to Bridge View park, Where the other peace poles will be dedicated, followed by music from Sandra Lloyd. Keweenaw Faiths United will meet attendees at the Hancock Labrynth tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm.