The Solar System Smackdown Returns to the Copper Country this Weekend

The Keweenaw Roller Girls are very excited after a long time away from their friends and community. Since Covid the group has not been able to host their region wide roller derby, but this weekend they’ll finally return to the track. The Solar System Smackdown will bring in roller derby pros from all over the Midwest.

We are inviting skaters from all over the Midwest to create three mixed teamss. So it will be a whole bunch of folks from Minnesota, Chicago..” – Jenn Sams PR Chair Keweenaw Roler Derby
“Wisconsin.” – Jill Devoge Skating Ref
“…Wisconsin, downstate. And we’ll host three games in a round robin style. – Jenn Sams
“So it’s an opportunity to bring the community together, and showcase other people’s talents. And an opportunity for businesses.” – Jill Devoge

The smack down will have three teams, competing in a round robin style, and battle for points. Roller derbies are an incredibly fast paced and physical sport, that comes with a lot of strategy. The sport is a favorite of many, and wildly entertaining.

“Its just a good environment, it’s an incredibly supportive environment. We have great teamwork, and it’s an opportunity to play a really physical sport, which you dont really get too much of as a grown adult.” – Jenn Sams
Basically just making sure there’s a fair game being played on the track. No elbows are getting thrown.” – Jill Devoge
“While at the same time meeting lots of people you wouldn’t otherwise get to meet.”
– Jenn Sams

47 North Fusion will entertain the crowd at half time. Food and drinks are provided by the matador. The solar system smack down will start at 6 pm on Saturday at the Calumet Colloseum. Doors will open at 5pm. Find more information and purchase tickets on