Dam Jam Returning to Calumet Lyons Park Fourth of July Weekend

CALUMET – Like many events canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Dam Jam will return on fourth of July weekend for the first time in two years. With just a couple months before the jam band music festival, Co-Founder Jim Newman is anticipating a great turnout at Calumet Lyons Park. The event started as an idea in 2016. A group of friends wanted to bring local bands and the community together for a weekend of family fun.

“The excitement is palpable, we’ve been missing it just as much as everyone else. And we’re really excited to get back out, and get together with our friends and have great time. Of course music is the forefront of the event, with bands from all over the Midwest. But we’re very welcoming to the community. We’ll have art vendors, local artistry. And food vendors from across the UP.” – Jim Newman, Co-Founder Dam Jam

All of the proceeds from dam jam go back into improvements at Calumet Lyons Park. Newman said there seems to be a new project in the park – funded with money the music festival raises. That gives the Dam Jam founders a special feeling of home-town pride.

“The community has embraced us since day one of the festival. This is a park that’s fairly new in the timeline of Calumet. And being able to bring attention to the park and Calumet as well, is one our main goals. Every year we’ve been able to donate money back to the park. When you come out now, every time I come out here, it seems like there’s a new project they’re working on.” – Jim Newman, Co-Founder Dam Jam

Attendees can camp out at the Lyons Park during the festival. Tickets and more details for camping can be found online. The music festival is a volunteers event. The team is still finalizing some on-stage acts. But Mungion will headline Dam Jam this year. Anyone interested in volunteering, setting up a vendor table, or purchasing tickets can go to damjamup.com.