Copper Country League of Women Voters Marches for Bans Off Our Bodies Over the Weekend

HOUGHTON/HANCOCK – Over the weekend the League of Women Voters joined in another demonstration, protesting the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court. Saturday’s march was scheduled to take place along with many other Bans Off Our Bodies’ marches in other cities and states. Women, men and children gathered to show their support for a women’s right to choose if an abortion is the right medical procedure for themselves and their future. Copper Country League of Women Voters Board Member Barry Fink, helped to organize the march, was happy to see so may people out in support of their cause.

It’s very gratifying to see so many people willing to come out, and put themselves out there. To show people that there’s concern over these issues, there’s support for the measures we are trying to take with the petitions. And people will not go quietly over this. This is going to be a fight that continues. – Barry Fink, Board Member Copper Country League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters asked some to sign petitions. Various ones were available. But the primary petition is to codify abortion rights in the Michigan state constitution. Currently a 1931 law that would severely criminalize the medical procedure, charging doctors and mothers with first degree murder, and does not have exceptions for cases of rape or incest. Polls show that the majority of the U.S. populous is in favor of keeping Roe v Wade. But the conversation becomes much more nuanced when broken down into demographics, urban vs rural and by region. The Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Dobbs v Jackson was expected to be announced sometime in June, before the draft of the court’s opinion was leaked two weeks ago.