Yoopers for Ukraine hold Russian Shame Day Demonstration in the Copper Country

HOUGHTON – Today, May 9th, is traditionally known as Victory Day for citizens in Russia, in order to mark the day the Nazis surrendered to Soviet forces. But this year many groups and demonstrators across the world are calling for a Russian shame day instead. Today Adelina Oronova and Nazar Gora held another rally of support for their home country, Ukraine. Since Russia’s invasion into their home, Adelina and Nazar, have organized demonstrations in the Copper Country. The demonstration today was accompanied by a display of children’s shoes, symbolizing the human rights violations perpetrated by Russian troops.

“Back in World War II, we had around 8 million Ukrainians dead. Because we’ve always been between Russian territory and Europe. And we contributed a lot. But what happened is, Russia acquired this victory, and it made it it’s own national holiday. It is awful what is happening. And that is why we have the kids shoes display, because we are talking about little human beings. Who will never be able to play with toys, or go to school and enjoy life because that was taken.” – Adelina Oronova, Co-Founder Yoopers for Ukraine

Oronova expressed that the demonstration is a powerful, silent and visual representation of the atrocities made by Russia. Each week Yoopers for Ukraine rallies around the portage lake lift bridge to show their support for the Ukrainian fighters, and the humanitarians that are on the front lines. The group is planning events for the public in the coming weeks to educate people on the situation, and Ukrainian culture. Check out Yoopers for Ukraine on facebook to learn about the group, how you can help relief efforts in the country, and for details on future events. Organizers of the demonstration today, would like to express gratitude for the community and the city of Houghton for aiding their support demonstrations.