Elder Abuse Task Force Shares Information with the Public on Signs of Abuse

The Month of May celebrates older Americans and their contributions to our country and communities. In 2019 Michigan started the state’s first Elder Abuse Task Force in order to protect some of the state’s most vulnerable population. Yesterday a virtual symposium was hosted by Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to provide resources to the public to aid in protecting elderly family and friends. Attorney General Dana Nessel opened the symposium with a short introduction to the problems that face older residents of the state.

“So here in Michigan the numbers are staggering. 73,000 older adults are victims of elder abuse each and every year. And that is completely unacceptable. The Elder Abuse Task Force tackle the challenges faced by older adults at every angle; law enforcement, healthcare, mental health, social services and financial issues. And we an protect and help older adults by providing information about the resources available through the many Michigan organizations who are a part of the Task Force.” – Dana Nessel, Michigan Attorney General

The Elder Abuse Task Force has over 100 members and 55 plus participating organizations, who are all fighting against elder abuse. The symposium covered a wide variety of topics around signs of physical, emotional and financial abuse. Yesterday’s event was meant for the public, and the full symposium will be posted to the task force’s website in the coming weeks. On June 9th the Elder Abuse Task Force will hold another symposium directed toward professionals who work with the elderly.

Call 855-444-3911 to report suspected abuse. Below you will find links to the Elder Abuse Task Force’s website, along with information about elder rights, incident report form, and video’s about the task force and a registration link for the June 9th Symposium.

Who is the Elder Abuse Task Force

Nursing Home Resident’s Rights

Elder Abuse Incident Report Form

June 9th Elder Abuse Task Force Symposium for Professionals

Informational Brochure