Update: Houghton County Undersheriff Pleads Not Guilty to Drunk Driving Charge in Grand Traverse County

Clarification; Sheriff Joshua Saaranen reached out to clarify that Coppo’s paid leave is paid out by his accrued benefits. He is not being paid in the same fashion as a typical employee with the a sheriff office at this time.

TRAVERSE CITY – Houghton County Undersheriff Kevin Coppo pleaded not guilty in 86th District Court today. Coppo appeared before Chief Magistrate Tammi Rodgers alongside his Attorney Patrick Fragel. Coppo faces three charges related a drunken driving incident that occurred on March 3rd. He will be required by the court to prove he is avoiding mind altering substances and has bond set for 5000 dollars.

“Conditions are; You may not use or possess any alcohol, illegal or controlled substance, including marijuana. Any mind or mood altering substances, or any non-prescribed medication. You will take twice daily PVT tests, to prove you are not drinking. You may not enter a bar, casino or place to serves alcohol by the glass. You’ll have no threatening, intimidating, harassing, or violent behavior toward any persons. You will be respectful of court employees and care providers during the course of your case.” – Chief Magistrate Tammi Rodgers, 86th District Court

Coppo’s charges include refusing a breathalyzer at the scene, operating a vehicle with a BAC above 0.17%, and failure to report a accident. Coppo blew a 0.23% when he was taken into Grand Traverse County jail. A pre-trial hearing between Fragel and the assistant prosecutor will happen on May 5th.