CCISD is Working on Creating Crisis Intervention Plans with Copper Country Schools

HOUGHTON – Over the last couple of days faculty at the Copper Country ISD are learning about the newest in school safety and student mental health. Crisis prevention and planning is a topic at forefront in education over the past decade, and discussions have only ramped up since the onset of the covid pandemic two years ago. Mental Health Services Coordinator Natalie Morgan says that the information they are learning will help them to anticipate students needs, and keep staff in top form in the case of a crisis.

“This is just a helpful way to get all of the school districts on the same page about crisis intervention. A big part of this too, is preparing for a crisis. But its also to maybe help with some of those risk factors before a crisis happens. So trying to identify those students who may be struggling, or a crisis may be happening at home for them. And so being able to support them at the school level.” – Natalie Morgan, Mental Health Services Coord., CCISD

On Wednesday staff in the CCISD were taught how to establish a crisis plan for educators and students. The first program also showed staff how to prepare and react during a crisis and gave clear directions for roles in such a situation. Today and tomorrow staff will learn how to effectively handle students when they are having a mental health crisis, and build skills for staff to properly address acute trauma triggers. All in an effort to be more prepared for their students, co workers and the community.