Keweenaw Co Op Moving to Downtown Hancock

HANCOCK – The Keweenaw Co Op is getting ready to close on 612 Quincy Street. The sight of the grocer’s new home in downtown Hancock. On Monday their General Manager Curt Webb updated the city on the Co Op’s plans. Over the last several years Keweenaw Co Op has grown their sales by eight and half percent each year. Ending 2021 with 4.85 million dollars in sales. The total cost of moving is estimated to cost around 7 million dollars.

“So as I mentioned we’ll be doing a capital campaign as a part of our financing plan. We are looking for a few different grants. Mary [Babcock] was kind enough to write some letters of support for a few of the ones we’ve applied for. We recently received one from MDARD [Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development] and one from the Healthy Food Initiative. The biggest though will be working with MEDC on a Community Revitalization Program grant.” – Curt Webb, Keweenaw Co Op General Manager

The new site includes around 7,000 square feet of retail space. The Co Op will begin raising funds with a capital campaign and a series of grants from the USDA and MEDC. Keweenaw Co Op’s goal for the first capital campaign will be to raise close to 1 million dollars, and they hope to break ground starting in August. With a grand opening of the new store front some time in summer 2023, just in time to celebrate the Co Op’s 50th year of operation in the community. More details on the capital campaign will be released in the coming weeks.