Cyber Security Is An Increasingly Local Concern

More businesses are online than ever, especially after two years of pandemic restrictions have reshaped how small businesses function. With the warnings of Russian online attacks in conjunction with the invasion of Ukraine, cyber security is becoming an increasingly hot topic.

With the Ukraine crisis escalating – the threat of all out cyber war perhaps has never been greater. Russian cyber units have been a formal part of their military for decades while the U.S. Cyber Command has only existed since 2010. This is the Dreamport Facility, developed by the U.S. Cyber Command, along with private sector partners and academia, to further develop us cyber capabilities.  This miniature city is used to train cyber operators in conducting offensive, real world attacks.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told an audience at the Detroit Economic Forum that they are “concerned’ with the possibility of Russian cyber attacks against critical U.S. infrastructure as well as china’s continued theft of U.S. intellectual property. With many warnings coming from national experts, I reached out to a security professional working in the Upper Peninsula to ask about the common local threats. So how can local businesses and people improve their cyber security posture?

If you’re interested in learning more about cyber security, there are resources available through NMU’s Upper Peninsula Cyber Security Institute.