Local Community Theater Opportunities

Being in a small town shouldn’t discourage anyone from pursuing their passion, especially now with so many people flooding out of major cities to relocate in more rural communities. This only means more opportunities for local artists, musicians and actors to get involved in local projects.

Most Upper Peninsula residents from the Marquette area are familiar with the Masonic Arts Fheater Fellowship. The theater group continues to put on quality productions throughout the year, providing hours of experience for local actors and entertainment for local audiences. But those in the Iron Mountain/Kingsford area may not be aware of local acting opportunities in their community.

The Dickinson County Community Theater group also has a regular schedule of productions throughout the year. Actress Kayla Kelly, who has been cast is over 25 movies, talks fondly of her introduction to acting through the Dickinson County Community Theater.

Many Dickinson County Community Theater productions are shown at the Braumart Theater in Iron Mountain. Kelly credits her experience here for preparing her for the big screen.