No Malicious Intent Determined in College Avenue Fire

HOUGHTON – In the early morning hours of March 13th, an explosion destroyed an apartment building in Houghton. The apartment was home to six Michigan Tech students and two elderly residents. The Houghton Fire Department submitted their initial report to the city, and it was reviewed last night by the city council.

“The ignition source is undetermined, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. The fire department would like to thank all of the bystanders and Michigan Tech students who helped to pull hoses. We would also like to thank Hurontown Fire, Hancock Fire and Stanton Township Emergency Intervention Team. Those are the guys who go and rescue firefighters if they get into trouble.  They’d also like to thank Semco, for rapid assistance and calling for extra man-power to ensure the safety of residents and first responders.” – Eric Waara, Houghton City Manager

City Manger Eric Waara and Police Chief John Donnelly both expressed that it is a miracle no one was severely injured by the fire. The fire department’s investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing, though malicious intent has been ruled out as a factor. Leaders in the city say that it is a testament to the people of the community, that the residents of the apartment have been cared for since they lost their home. We will bring you more information as it becomes available.