First Rose Society Chapter Coming Soon to the Upper Peninsula

HANCOCK – They say a rose is a rose. It’s a flower that can be found in gardens around the world. There are over 150 known varieties of roses. Its blooms have been used as symbols of love, beauty, war and peace throughout history. Melissa Boerman moved back to the area from Tennessee. She became a certified Consulting Rosarian with the American Rose Society while she lived in the south. Boerman is hoping to build a community here in the Upper Peninsula for people who want to grow roses.

“And it’s not even about having a rose garden like a formal garden. Where you’re walking through, and you’ve got benches, and it’s purely a rose garden. Though those are pretty. But I’m here really to encourage anyone who might just have an empty spot in their garden. I think that’s one of the nicest things about roses, is they come in so many different varieties. Now that  I’m here, and having never grown roses up here, I am very interested in meeting other people and getting connected. And forming a community, or culture.” – Melissa Boerman, Consulting Rosarian

Growing and maintaining roses can be scary to some gardeners. But Boerman says growing the beautiful flower can be as easy as you make it. She is dedicated to connecting and educating local gardeners on the plant. Anyone interested in rose gardening in the Upper Peninsula can learn more or connect to other rose enthusiasts on the Keweenaw Rose Growers facebook page.