More Details on Houghton County Undersheriff’s Grand Traverse County Arrest

HOUGHTON – More details are emerging after our studio received a Freedom of Information Act request from the Grand Traverse County Sheriff department. On March 3rd, just before 2 am, security at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, reported a vehicle accident occurred in their parking lot. Security Manager, Cory Lorenzen, told police he saw a silver Chevy Silverado, back into a parked black Chevy Suburban at a high rate of speed, damaging the passeger’s rear quarter panel. The silver Silverado described by Lornenzen, is owned by the Houghton County Sheriff department. It was in use by Undersheriff Kevin Coppo, to attend a first responders banquet hosted at the Great Wolf Lodge. Deputy Hoffaman, and another officer made contact with Coppo in his hotel room. The report from grand traverse notes, Coppo was highly intoxicated, and there were a number of empty alcoholic beverage cans around the room. Prior to taking Coppo to jail, Grand Traverse Deputy Weber, locked the Houghton County vehicle and noticed crushed cans in the back poach of the passenger seat, according to Weber’s supplemental report. When police arrived at the jail with Coppo, two breathalyzer BAC test was preformed, with the results coming back with a blood alcohol content of 0.23%. Nearly three times the legal limit. Coppo is charged with refusing a breathalyzer, operating a vehicle with a BAC above 0.17%, and failing to report an accident. Coppo is currently on paid personal leave of absence. Houghton County swore in temporary Undersheriff John Giachino on Monday. Coppo’s arraignment is scheduled for March 29th.