Congressional Candidate Bob Lorinser Talks with Copper Country Residents

CALUMET – Bob Lorinser is probably best known as the Medical Director for Marquette County.  But he’s also been on diplomatic tours with the U.S. Department of State in Afganistan, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan and South Korea. Last night he introduced himself to residents of northern Houghton and Keweenaw County as a first district congressional candidate. Lorinser talked about the role of a representative, and the issues residents in Michigan’s first district have told them they are facing.

“I hear the same things over and over, and it might be slightly different from county to county. Healthcare, affordability and access to healthcare. To education. A livable wage. And a livable wage does not mean a minimum wage. For me a livable wage, should be, if you are working full time, you should have a decent life. Affordable housing. And of course, can we always say infrastructure. You know just driving, driving around in the UP, I came from Watersmeet to Houghton, half the trip you cant get cell phone coverage.” – Dr. Bob Lorinser, Democratic Candidate for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District

Lorinser came to the Upper Peninsula 40 years ago, after working in the Navajo nation with the Indian Health Service. Settling in the area with his wife and son, to practice family medicine. While campaigning in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, Lorinser said he’s heard  what residents expect out of representatives in all levels of government.

“By representing their state, Michigan, their district, which would be northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula for us. So what are the qualifications of that person? Its not that they’re tall or short, female or male, young or old. Its, do they really care about America, their state, their district. Can they articulate, can they talk, can they communicate. Can they listen. Those are the fundamental aspects about being a representative.” – Dr. Bob Lorinser, Democratic Candidate for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District

Lorinser will face incumbent republican Jack Bergman in November. If Lorinser remains unchallenged for the democratic nomination, he will be the only registered democrat during the August primary. Two town halls over the next couple of days will complete Lorinser’s tour of the Keweenaw. For more information visit Lorinser’s campaign website.