Correction; Portage Lake District Library Hosting Seed Swap Event this Friday

Correction; Evan Lanese has reached out to express there was miscommunication about the date for the event. The Seed Swap at the Portage Lake District Library will happen on March 19th, not today. The event will start at 10 am.

HOUGHTON – As the weather begins to turn warmer, Upper Peninsula residents begin to think spring.  Gardeners are especially anxious for the season. Seed libraries have become more common throughout the Upper Peninsula, in anticipation of the season. The libraries allow growers to get a jump on spring by swapping seeds for their gardens. The first Keweenaw Seed Swap of the season will be at the Portage Lake District Library on March 19th.

“Seed swap is an event we’re hoping to put on every year. Where people can bring seeds they have left over from last season, or seeds they’ve collected throughout the years. And share them with other community members.The seed library will also be sharing seeds that we have extras of as well.” – Evan Lanese, Volunteer Portage Lake Seed Library

“So it’s going to be a lot of different teachings about seeds. And the different kinds of seeds. So we’re hoping to get people that like to do vegetable gardening, or flower gardening, to come together and share seeds.” – Emily Shaw, Volunteer Portage Lake Seed Library

Local gardeners will address a variety of gardening topics for attendees.  Most seed libraries include seeds for crops like tomatoes, bell peppers and other foods. The events help local communities fight food insecurity.

“Yeah, it’s not just for veteran gardeners, or [for] beginner gardeners. The goal is to kinda get everyone all together, to be enthusiastically talking and learning about seeds and sharing.” – Emily Shaw

“I think having the availability of seeds, without any cost involved, is really important for people maybe just starting up gardening.” – Evan Lanese

“And, so more about this community building around food too. So the seed swap is just one thing that we’re doing to build connections and relationships within the community, between people and food.” – Emily Shaw

The event starts at 10 am and will last until 1 pm. This is the first seed swap for the upcoming gardening season. All are welcome to come and learn, with neighbors and other gardeners. No experience is needed, just a desire to learn.