Alex Lee has embarked on a cross-country bike trip — beginning in Los Angeles, California, and headed to Boston, Massachusetts — to raise awareness of pro-democracy struggles in Hong Kong.

Lee, 37, grew up in a small coastal city near Beijing where his lifelong journey to bring change for his people begun.

“The Hong Kong people they are pretty brave, which is why I want to support them. Right now the Communist party wants to control Hong Kong completely.”

Lee has endured 120-degree heat in the Mojave Desert, freezing temperatures in the Upper Peninsula, and being hit by a drunk driver on a rural North Dakota highway in September 2021.

“I’ve had quite a lot of surgeries… I lost my tooth. I don’t have my spleen anymore.” But we must accept the reality.”

Along the way he’s giving speeches in communities and doing interviews with local journalists to spread the word.

On Tuesday, Lee made his way up to the Upper Peninsula making rest stop in Escanaba, Michigan. He says it’s his first time in the UP, and although he says “the views of the Great Lakes were beautiful, the cold temperatures were not so much.”

Lee continues his way to his next stop in Manistique, Michigan.

He says the injuries from the crash are slowing him down, but he still hopes to complete his mission by April.