IC Directors Testify To House Select Intelligence Committee

Members from the US intelligence Community testified to members of the House Select Intelligence committee highlighting their warnings about Russian invasion of Ukraine is unfolding as predicted. The Director of National Intelligence went on to explain how Russian military leadership was unprepared for the type of resistance they faced in Keiv and the international outcry denouncing the invasion.

HAYNES: “The IC is you know provided warning President Putin’s plans but this is a case where I think all of us wish we had been wrong, The invasion has in fact proceeded consistent with the plan we assessed the Russian military would follow. Only they’re facing significantly more resistance from the Ukrainians than they expected encountering serious military shortcomings.”

Some analysts have raised concern over a simultaneous move on Taiwan by China if the CCP are emboldened by Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

BURNS: “The Chinese are unsettled by the situation in Ukraine. They did not anticipate that the significant difficulties the Russians were going to run into I think they’re unsettled by the reputational damage that can come by their close association with President Putin second by the economic consequences at a moment when you know they’re facing lower annual growth rates and have experienced for more than three decades, I think they’re a little bit unsettled about the impact on the global economy,”

BERRIER: “I think Taiwan and Ukraine are two different two different things completely. I also I also believe that our deterrence posture in the Pacific puts a very different perspective on all of this. We do know that the PRC watching very, very carefully what happens and how this plays out throughout the entire time.”

Whatever Vladimir Putin’s end game is, the world’s reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has clearly been one of disgust and repulsion. As refugees continue to flee from Ukraine into Europe, the world watches on in horror.