A Jefferson Street Home in Portage Township Caught Fire Yesterday Morning

Photo Credit: Keweenaw Report

Yesterday morning at around 7:45 am the Houghton County Sheriff and Hurontown Fire responded to a house fire on Jefferson Street in Portage Township. The fire was started accidentally by a tenant in an upstairs bedroom, when a handheld propane torch was lit and produced a large flame. The torched dropped to the floor, rapidly igniting the carpet. The tenant acted quickly to dampen the fire with a garden hose. A downstairs room has water damage resulting from the fire being extinguished. The tenant suffered a burn to his right arm, and some smoke inhalation. The other tenant safely left the residence during the fire. Hurontown Fire credits the tenant for saving the structure from further damage. The Houghton County Sheriff was assisted by the Hurontown Fire and Rescue Department.