LaFave weighs in on district maps

ISHPEMING – An Upper Peninsula representative in the State House is weighing in on voting district maps.

Iron Mountain House Representative Beau LaFave said he plans to introduce a constitutional amendment to abolish the michigan independent citizens redistricting commission.

LaFave is running for Michigan Secretary of State.

He posted about the proposed amendment on his Facebook campaign site.

LaFave said quote:

“My amendment will abolish the MICRC and the pages it added to our constitution. Instead, the legislature –elected by Michigan voters– will approve new maps for 2030 by a two–thirds vote that must include approval of both parties. Requiring a two–thirds majority will ensure the process is truly bipartisan and fair,” endquote.

The new house map put LaFave’s hometown of Iron Mountain into a new voting district.

LaFave said the commission was costly to taxpayers.

He said the commission went into a $1 million dollar deficit.

The MICRC was created from a voter–initiated amendment to the state constitution in 2018.

The commission approved new maps for U.S. Congressional, State House, and State Senate voting districts on Tuesday.

The new district maps can be found at the link below.,10083,7-418-107190_108607—,00.html?fbclid=IwAR0_F37wenG9XvxxsAJkEyWLJlyDK1sMo4wrZ0yulDyr9reUjqr_EaaKDx4