MHFSCA Announces All Region Teams for 11-Man & 8-Man

Millington, Mich. (WBUP) – Listed below are the UP athletes that made the All-Region team for both 11-man and 8-man football:


11-Man Football:

Division 3 (Region 1)

  • Austin Ridl, Quarterback , Marquette


Division 5 (Region 1)

  • Lucas Tappy, Offensive Line, Kingsford
  • Zach Person, Wide Receiver, Kingsford
  • Brody Kopp, Defensive Back, Kingsford
  • Diego Przeslakowski, Specialist, Kingsford


Division 6 (Region 1)

  • Bode Bonovetz, Offensive Line, Negaunee
  • Copper Conway, Tight End, Menominee
  • Philip Nelson, Wide Receiver, Negaunee
  • Dryden Nelson, Running Back, Calumet
  • Aidan Bellisle, Quarterback, Menominee
  • Gerald Johnson, Quarterback, Negaunee
  • Hunter Potier, Defensive Line, Gladstone
  • Lenny Bjorn, Defensive Line, Calumet
  • Alan Bjorn, Linebacker, Calumet
  • Tom Erkkila, Specialist, Calumet


Division 7 (Region 1)

  • Gavin Dawson, Offensive Line, Westwood
  • Zach Carlson, Running Back, Westwood
  • Spencer Harvala, Defensive Line, Westwood
  • Luke Olson, Linebacker, Westwood


Division 8 (Region 1)

  • Lucas Maxon, Offensive Line, Iron Mountain
  • Michael Talerico, Defensive Line, Iron Mountain
  • Hunter Fortner, Linebacker, Iron Mountain
  • Trevor Lippens, Defensive Back, Bark River-Harris



8-Man Football:

Division 1 (Region 1)

  • George Edington, Offensive Line, Pickford
  • EJ Suggitt, Quarterback, Rudyard
  • Josiah Peramaki, Running Back, Munising
  • Josh Sullivan, Running Back, Pickford
  • Brayden Altoft, Defensive Line, Pickford
  • Jacob Mattson, Linebacker, Munising
  • John Nutkins, Linebacker, Newberry
  • Tate Besteman, Defensive Back, Rudyard


Division 2 (Region 1)

  • Timmy Bendick, Offensive Line, Forest Park
  • Kirby Koskela, Offensive Line, Lake Linden-Hubbell
  • Troy Corrigan, Offensive Line, Lake Linden-Hubbell
  • Drew French, Offensive Line, Engadine
  • Carter Johnson, Wide Receiver/End, Rapid River
  • Marcus Sutherland, Wide Receiver/End, Lake Linden-Hubbell
  • Sam McKissack, Running Back, Forest Park
  • Zach Frusti, Running back, Superior Central
  • Ben Tampas, Running Back, Lake Linden-Hubbell
  • Damyn Smith, Defensive Line, Rapid River
  • Joey Smith, Defensive Line, Rapid River
  • James Milkey, Linebacker, Lake Linden-Hubbell
  • Sam Roberts, Defensive Back, Lake Linden-Hubbell
  • Lucas Swetich, Defensive Back, Superior Central