Superior Search and Rescue Begins Training with Project Lifesaver Equipment

The Superior Search and Rescue team started training with new equipment last night. At the Tech Trails behind MTU’s campus search and rescue volunteers trained with Project Lifesaver equipment for the first time. Darian Reed was recently named as Superior Search and Rescue’s new President. He says that training is been going well. And volunteers are gaining confidence in their ability to locate missing person as quickly as possible.

Superior Search and Rescue is working in collaboration with area county sheriffs from four departments to train with equipment. Patrick Diedrich is the training officer with superior search and rescue. He says that project lifesaver has radically reduced search times.

Superior search and rescue repeatedly works alongside county sheriffs, MSP, and other enforcement agencies to locate missing persons around the Copper Country. Last night 14 volunteers were trained to find missing individuals using project lifesaver’s technology.

If you wish to learn more about Project Lifesaver or want to sign up for the program, please contact your local sheriff for more information.