Bigfoot Attends Second Thursday Event At The U.P. Children’s Museum

MARQUETTE, Mich –  Upper Peninsula families braved the rain for a big event at the U.P. Children’s Museum today.

The museum holds an event on the second Thursday of every month,  but today’s event had a special, elusive visitor.

“Bigfoot is coming to play today! And he’s brought rain, wind and we heard sleet is coming,” said Museum Education Coordinator, Mr. Jim Edwards.  “So, like all the programs we are all trying to do, we are wondering how much can we do outdoors that is comfortable and might we have to go indoors and stay safe somehow.”

Attendees listened to readings from a variety of Bigfoot books, participated in an animal track scavenger, enjoyed a wide variety of snacks and even had the opportunity to listen to poetry recited by Bigfoot himself.

“You know we may have to be indoors, but we can still do s’mores and my friend Bigfoot wants to still be part of it. He still paid a visit to us and I still want to give out books to children and make sure they take home some goodies,” said Mr. Jim. “So, we want to still do programs in the courtyard, we know over Christmas, we might be changing our program to be coming indoors to programs. Here’s to all the people in Marquette being able to do programs indoors.”

Before they left the kids were able to take a book home with them.

Despite the gloomy day, it was nothing but sunshine and rainbows at the U.P. Children’s Museum.