Vinyl Record Show Taking Place in Marquette This Weekend

MARQUETTE, Mich – Calling all music lovers, step right this way!

A vinyl record show on the second floor of the Ore Dock Brewing Company in Marquette is a gateway to music’s past, and what’s old is new again… literally.

Record Dealer Jon Teichman said that if people want to go on a nostalgia trip or discover some new music, they should stop on in.

“Well this is our eighth year of hosting the semi-annual multi-day vinyl record show here at Ore Dock,” Teichman said. “It’s an awesome opportunity to dive into tens of thousands of amazing items that people remember from their past or maybe discover new music on vinyl but also on cassette and CD.”

The event will be going on every day this weekend noon to 11 pm.

Attendees can buy or donate records as well.

Record Dealer Geoff Walker said the event is a good way to meet new people and bring the community together.

“We love music and we like hanging out with people and deepening our relationships with our old friends and making new relationships with new friends and I think music is a great way of bringing people together. We get to learn about other parts of the world and times and places and experience new things,” Walker said. “At the same time, I want to sell all my records. So, if you want to come down and buy every last one of them, I’d be happy to send them home with you.”

Other merchandise attendees can purchase include books, posters, action figures and board games!