Marquette Video Game Development Studio To Hold Launch Party Tomorrow

MARQUETTE, Mich – Video games are a great way to decompress after a long day or help us take our minds off the daily stress in our lives.

Little did we know, there’s a video game development studio right here in the Upper Peninsula.

Ambitious Games is holding a launch tomorrow night for their new game, REVN.

“REVN is a third-person MOBA shooter, which means it is a competitive game where you have two teams of five players who are attacking and defending a base” said Ambitious Games Creative Director Silas Talley. “You can purchase REVN on the Steam store on PC and we are planning on coming to consoles sometime in the near future.”

The studio will be adding new features to the game, which took three years to create. Talley said the studio will be adding more features me such as characters, weapons and updates every few weeks.

He also stressed the importance of having a video game development studio in the UP as it can open up new paths and opportunities for other digital creators.

“From my side, growing up in the area, I grew up in Ishpeming and Marquette, and I went to school at NMU. I love video games and I kind of knew I always wanted to make them. My friends love video games and we talked about making video games together. When I got to college, there were any opportunities for me to take internships in the area at a local game studio or to reach out to people in the community and ask questions about the things I was learning or things I had trouble understanding in my classes,” Talley said. “I think it was really really important for Marquette to have a game studio that aspiring game developers can go to to get things like internships or job opportunities once they graduate college. That sort of thing didn’t exist before and I’m glad we can give back to the community like that.”

The launch party for REVN will be held at the Northern Michigan University’s eSport’s Lab from six to nine tomorrow night

For more information about Ambitious Games and their products and services, visit the link below.

Ambitious Games