Sometimes we all need a little help.

The Michigan State Police are doing their part with the 2021 Harvest Gathering.

The MSP is holding the annual event this week to raise awareness about food insecurity and donations for local food pantries.

“Every year the state participates in the annual Harvest Gathering. It is statewide with all the state departments,” said MSP Lt. Donald Horn. “The goal is to help fill up the pantries across the state that need it for people who are less fortunate and are able to afford their groceries on a weekly or monthly basis.”

Over 30,000 pounds of food have been donated over the last several years.

LT. Horn said Super One Foods locations are a big part of the harvest gathering’s success

The grocery store chain offers shoppers special deals for donations.

“What we have done since 2014 is partnered with Super One Foods. We get monetary donations from individuals and businesses and we take that money and buy box foods from Super One,” said Lt. Horn. “Also, Super One has a food bag, a $10 food bag that they will sell to individuals for $5 for the cause. and that’s been a huge hit in our area.”

Residents can drop off donated items at their local MSP post.

Donations will be accepted until this Friday.