Sonia Goltz is a Professor in the Michigan Tech College of Business. She teaches courses in the field of organizational behavior. Goltz was recently awarded MTU’s Diversity Award for her work on gender equity in stem fields and high education. Goltz says that she is honored to received the 2021 diversity award, but much of the work is a team effort.

An innate curiosity about how individuals experience higher education and discrimination is at the heart Goltz’s research. She said she never expected. And that often time’s research leads you into a different path than anticipated.

Goltz said decision making is much easier for a group when diverse opinions are included in the conversation. The advance initiative is a grant funded by the national science foundation. The program is dedicated to promoting equity among professionals in the stem field through retention and building on career success. If you would like to learn more about the advance initiative and Sonia Goltz’s work on equity visit