Main Street Calumet Open Fundraiser For New Community Tradition

Calumet, Mich – A new community garden in the Village of Calumet could open the door to a new spring tradition.

The garden contains over a dozen raised beds, fruit tree boxes, a shed and more.

Main Street Calumet has also launched a fundraiser to plant 4,000 tulip bulbs in the garden for the Spring.

“We said, “Wow! It would be really wonderful if we could share those flowers with people in long-term care facilities in our area,” said Main Street Calumet Executive Director Leah Polzein. “So Calumet Floral said, “Oh, you know what, we could arrange those and get them delivered for you.””

Tulips were chosen for their early blooming period.

Polzein hopes the planting of tulips can become a tradition.

If you would like to donate to the fundraiser, visit the link below.