Online school addresses worker shortages in schools

Michigan worker shortages have made their way into schools.

School bus driver shortages have put many parents in a pinch when it comes to getting their kids to school. In addition, many Michigan schools are experiencing teacher shortages. However, the Great Lakes Learning Academy says their approach to education may be the solution.

“Kids can be on the bus for a very long time to get to their local, physical school district,” said GLLA Assistant Principal Samantha Bonner of the driver shortage. “Being an online school for the entire state of Michigan, we can offer that strong educational experience without having to rely on that bussing system.

The GLLA is a tuition–free public school. While many education institutions transferred to online during the pandemic, Bonner says they’ve been mastering the art of online education since 2012.

“The pandemic sent a lot of school into a frenzy, but our school has been around since 2012,” Bonner added. “Our staff has been equipped to enhance education to be successful online.

Bonner added that lack of social interaction is not an issue at GLLA. Classrooms take frequent field trips, and the school has a number of in-person clubs.

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