Alpena car theft and unarmed robbery arrest

A man has been arraigned for motor vehicle theft and unarmed robbery in Alpena.

Last Thursday, MSP Alpena officers responded to Justin Cummings claiming he and his girlfriend were being shot at by 2 SUVs while on US-23. When officers arrived, there was no evidence of the claim. Cummings did have a suspended license. He was issued a citation, and walked from the scene.

Later in the day, a stolen car was reported in Alpena township and was found abandoned on M-32. At the same time, troopers received word of an assault at a fruit stand on M-65.

Troopers found that Cummings and his girlfriend stole the vehicle, abandoned it, walked to the fruit stand, and tried to steal money from the worker.

Cummings and his girlfriend, Alexandria Hoffmann, were arraigned today.

Cummings or one count of motor vehicle unlawful driving away, driving while license suspended, and unarmed robbery.

Hoffmann was arraigned for one count of motor vehicle unlawful driving.