Mass Resignations in Copper City Government

Copper City, Mich – Copper City is in hot water.

Over the weekend three administrative members sent in resignation letters, with a final administrator expected to resign as well.

The exodus comes after select council members delayed the decision that was agreed on by the whole council, regarding water shut–offs for non–paying customers.

“We’re not doing anything up there that’s any different from, say, UPPCO or SEMCO, or Michigan American Water,” said Former President Rick Kasprzak. “If you miss your bill, they’ll send you a notice saying your bill is late, and here’s your late fee, and you have to pay by a certain day.”

Five customers were behind on payments as of August 16th.

A council vote was taken but Kasprzak said two members personally went to the customers to collect the money.

Despite no one holding administrative positions, the copper city council can still hold meetings.

“Rick says he, the clerk, and the treasurer, cannot even vote. Maybe there is enough for a quorum,” said Houghton County Clerk Jennifer Kelly. “It sounds like they are going to appoint a previous clerk and treasurer.”

We will keep you updated on the situation as it develops.