Fall Fest registration ends tomorrow

Courtesy: Lake Superior Community Partnership

The deadline to register for Fall Fest is tomorrow.

The festival for NMU students showcases Marquette businesses, non-profits, and student organizations.

It will take place on August 23 and 24 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will give students the chance to learn the area where they go to school.

“Fall Fest is unique because it really helps the students get to know the community more, as well as get involved in the community,” says Lake Superior Community Partnership Outreach Coordinator Megan O’Connor.

Participating businesses have a booth space on the academic mall. Non-profits have the chance to recruit student volunteers while businesses and student organizations can introduce themselves to students.

For more information, or to register before tomorrow’s deadline, visit New Homepage – Lake Superior Community Partnership (marquette.org) or call 906.226.6591