Roads, it’s something we all complain about.


So Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s plan to award $3.7 million in grant funding for roads in 25 Michigan cities is welcome news.


The City of Munising will get $260,000.

Kathy Reynolds, the Executive Director of the Munising Downtown Development Authority, said the money will help give the community a boost.

“It needs repair for community usage. It needs repair for visitor usage. The cross streets need it. It’s a sizable chunk of cash,” said Reynolds. “It helps us with our budgetary constraints that we have because we are trying to do a lot of different projects in downtown over the years. So its just an intrical piece of making your downtown infrastructure.”

The money will go towards repairs on Superior Street, Elm Avenue, Maple Street and Birch street.


Reynolds also touched on the other areas of Munising where the money will be spent.

“There’s going to be a new overlay on Superior Street, which is one of the main affairs downtown and the crossing streets. There will be some side walk repairs along the way too, which will help with walkability and parking,” said Reynolds. “Things will be restriped and that will be fixed during that time too. So that will definitely help that piece of it.”

The grant funding will help munising bring new businesses and infrastructure to the area.


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