The Covid–19 Safety Grant Program Gets Another Round Of Funding

Lansing, Mich -A state grant program meant to help local businesses is getting another round of funding.

The Michigan Covid–19 Safety Grant Program gives small businesses $10,000 to decrease the risk of Covid–19 spread through safety and health related equipment and training.

“This grant program focuses in on businesses with 250 or few employees, so it’s small business focused and it helps make sure they have purchased the things that they need to keep their employees safe in the work place,” said Sean Egan, Director of Covid Workplace for the Michigan Department of Labor. “This is the second round of this grant program and in the first round we saw businesses across the spectrum such as small manufactures and restaurants and bars. Certainly, with this round of grants we have an ear mark of about half a million dollars  for child care centers to really try and support that necessary component for people to get back to work, to get back to in person work if they’ve been lucky enough to be remote. So we’re really trying to support businesses across the spectrum as it relates to protecting employees in the work place.”

Applications will be accepted now through Friday, June 18th.

Applications received after the 18th will be held to see if grant funds are still available.

Businesses can apply with their Covid–19 safety plan and a description of how the funds would improve workplace safety for their employees, customers and communities.

A link to the application can be found  below:

MIOSHA COVID-19 Safety Grants | The Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (