CALUMET, Mich – A fire earlier this week in Calumet has left dozens of people homeless including 17 children.

The North Central Chapter of the American Red Cross has stepped in to help the victims find homes, with help from the Salvation Army, while they are currently lodged at the Amercinn.

“The biggest issue for people is this is something they have never experienced before. That feeling of loss and asking “What do I do next?” and “Where do I go?” or “Who is there to help me?” and that’s where the Red Cross steps in and gives them a safe place to stay here at the Americinn,” said Wendy Savage, Executive Director of the North Central Chapter of the American Red Cross. “They offered us rooms, and we make sure they are fed and we give them some financial assistance according to there needs. We keep working with them and then try to refer them off to local services that can help with the mid-term and long-term.”

Donation items the Red Cross are in need of include food, toiletries, and toys for children.

Donations can be dropped off at the Salvation Army in Hancock.

Financial donations can be made on the American Red Cross website or dropped off at the hotel.