Iron Ore Heritage Trail Announce Spring and Summer Projects

A local trail in Marquette has announced some new projects coming this spring and summer.

“We have a project that is already started. It’s called our weather shelters and fishing platforms. Between Negaunee and Marquette, there are no place to get out of the weather,” said Carol Fulsher, The Administrator for the Iron Ore Heritage Trail. “So what we are doing is building platforms for people to get out of the rain, snow or sleet.”

A pair of steps leading down to Pine Hill Pond, along with shelters and piers on the Carp River in Negaunee will also be constructed.

A trail head will also be created at the location.

“Our second big project is the Negaunee Township trailhead. At the corner of M-35 and 492, we are putting in a new trailhead,” Fulsher said. ” We will be putting in paved parking, toilets, signage and an accessible walkway to get you to the trail.”

The authority will fix erosion on the trail in Republic Township so it’s easier for residents to ride their bikes.

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