Earth week is here and that means Michiganders are all the more closer to gardening, swimming, and picking blueberries. And the department of Great Lakes, Environment, and Energy— along with their 30–plus partners— has a plan to improve Michigan’s economic and environmental sustainability.


EGLE hopes to move forward with these goals well into the future for a brighter Michigan.                                 


EGLE is also announcing the launch of the next round of NextCycle Michigan Innovation Challenges and Renew Michigan recycling funding opportunities. Visit EGLE’s website at for details about recycling grants. Learn how to participate in NextCycle Michigan at NextCycle Michigan.

The NextCycle Michigan initiative and Renew Michigan grants align with EGLE’s national award-winning “Know It Before You Throw It” recycling education campaign featuring the Recycling Raccoon Squad. The aim of the campaign that began in 2019 is to increase recycling and promote best practices to reduce contaminated materials from going into recycling bins and drop-off sites.

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