Former Team USA coach dies by suicide after facing 24 felony charges

LANSING, Mich. (WBUP) — Former U.S. Olympic coach for gymnastics John Geddert took his own life hours after being charged with 24 crimes including human trafficking and sexual assault.

Geddert was head coach of the 2012 u.S. Women’s olympic gymnastics team, which won a gold medal. Larry Nassar was the team’s doctor as well as treated gymnasts at Twistars, Geddert’s Lansing area–gym. Nassar is currently serving multiple life sentences as a serial rapist and sex offender.

Geddert was accused of turning the gym into a criminal business. The 63–year–old was charged with recruiting minors for forced labor. He was also charged with sexually assaulting a teen in 2012 and lying to investigators about Nassar in 2016.