Social Justice For Us encourages local businesses to take Safe Place Pledge

MARQUETTE — A local nonprofit is encouraging businesses to show that their establishments are safe and inclusive for everyone.

Social Justice For Us recently announced the Safe Place Pledge. The pledge is intended to be signed by local business owners as a statement of their support of marginalized groups of people.

The group says that with all the injustices occurring across the country, pledging to be inclusive of all people in our community is crucial.

“The businesses in Marquette that we’ve been protesting have shown that they don’t understand where these people are coming from, what their lives are like or the possibility of what their lives are like, and how they impact them,” said Autumn Coté, Director of Social Outreach, Engagement, and Advocacy. “So the Safe Place Pledge is a pledge that businesses can sign here in Marquette, and it shows that the business is aligned with our mission, which is making this a safer place for all. They sign the pledge, and then they get the decal that they can put in their window. It’s the fist and the rainbow, but instead of the full rainbow it’s kind of smeared, and it says ‘Safe Place Pledge’ on it.”

The group will have the Safe Place Pledge decals available for $3 at their events for anyone interested. They continue to host peaceful protests, book readings for children and adults, and other events where the community can voice their support or become more educated on certain topics.

A full list of events is available on the Social Justice For Us Facebook page.