Officers investigate animal, child, and vulnerable adult neglect in Manistique home

MANISTIQUE — Manistique Public Safety officers are investigating a case of animal, child, and vulnerable adult neglect.

On July 8th, officers began to receive numerous reports of possible animal neglect at a private home on Schoolcraft Avenue in Manistique. A search warrant was served at the home on the evening of July 13.

The search revealed that a total of 39 animals were being kept inside the home, including 9 dogs, 12 cats, 13 chickens, 4 bearded dragon lizards, and a hamster. The majority of the animals were in poor physical condition, suffering from severe flea infestation and unsanitary living conditions.

It was also determined that 9 individuals were living in the home, 8 of whom were present when the search warrant was served. The Michigan Department of Human Services was called to remove a 10-year-old and a 16-year-old from the home. The department is also investigating the possible neglect of two elderly vulnerable adults found in the home.

Officers removed all the animals and turned them over to the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter and Upper Peninsula Veterinary Service.

A formal report has been submitted to Schoolcraft County Prosecutor Timothy Noble for review and possible criminal charges. The Manistique City Attorney has also been contacted regarding city ordinance and zoning violations.

Officers received additional assistance from the Michigan State Police and Thompson Veterinary Clinic.