Marquette Police Department remarks on use of force standards amid “8 Can’t Wait” campaign

MARQUETTE — With calls for police reform sweeping the nation, the Marquette Police Department is ensuring the public that their use of force standards are up to date and appropriate.

According to city officials, Marquette residents have been inquiring about the “8 Can’t Wait” campaign. The campaign is designed to make changes to America’s police departments, such as banning chokeholds, requiring comprehensive reporting, among others.

Detective Captain Gregory Kinonen says the Marquette Police Department has appropriate policies in place at this point in time, and that the department’s policies are reviewed on a regular basis.

“Police policies are always being updated and changed,” explained Detective Captain Gregory Kinonen. “But as far as the Marquette Police Department goes, we’re up to par in every policy. As far as the ‘8 Can’t Wait’ campaign goes, everything that’s listed within the recommendations, the Marquette Police Department already has a policy in place to cover.”

One reason Kinonen gives for Marquette being on par with “8 Can’t Wait” is the department’s accreditation through the state. The accreditation allows for additional policy reviews and reporting standards.

“Accreditation is updating policies and following statewide guidelines,” said Kinonen. “And through the accreditation we also follow transparent reporting, because we’re audited yearly by an outside agency. Our policies have been all updated within the last two years, and us having our accreditation really covers all that stuff that’s listed. So I would say we’re right on par, or maybe ahead of, a lot of other agencies within the state.”

To see more about the Marquette Police Department’s use of force standards, click here. Visit the “8 Can’t Wait” campaign website here.