Ways for seniors to stay active during “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Seniors are some of the people most at risk of contracting coronavirus. Staying at home is likely to prevent them from getting sick, but it can also make it harder for them to stay active.

Marquette Senior Center Manager Maureen McFadden says the most important thing is simply to keep moving.

“One basic thing people can do is going on a slight walk.” said McFadden. “Or even just sitting in a chair and, while they’re watching TV or things like that, picking up their feet, doing wrist circles to get their wrists moving. These might seem like small movements, but they really help warm your body up and prepare your body for daily activities.”

McFadden also encourages seniors to be conscious of every aspect of their health, from physical to mental to emotional. Warming up your body, getting some Vitamin D, and staying in touch with loved ones are all important steps to staying healthy while isolated and staying mainly indoors. All this of course should be done while practicing proper social distancing.

“It is highly encouraged that you still get outside when you can. Go on a walk and practice social distancing, wear the recommended masks from the CDC and at-a home masks,” said McFadden. “And if you can’t do that, open your window, get some fresh air in your house, enjoy some of the sun. Remember to eat balanced, nutritious meals. If you’re going outside to shovel or snow blow, it is very important for your heart health to warm your body up first or take frequent breaks or drink lots of water.”

Before engaging in exercise, it is recommended that seniors check with their primary care physician that they are cleared for physical activity.

The Marquette Senior Center is currently providing virtual health programming on their Facebook page. The center can also email individuals with information on how to stay healthy if requested. The Senior Center is happy to answer any questions people have during this difficult time.

“Hang in there, open your window, reach out to a friend or a family member, and get some of the mental health and social wellness going,” McFadden advises. “And know that we’ll all get through this together and we really appreciate our community’s support during this time.”

You can find more information and the virtual health programming here. The Marquette Senior Center can also be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at (906) 228–0456.