ISHPEMING — During this time of isolation, many find it difficult to cope with feelings of loneliness and restlessness. However, there are a lot of ways to combat those feelings, and they can be done right at home.

A few ways include doing something artistic, putting together a puzzle, getting some cleaning done, reading, and writing letters.

Alexis Forchini with Great Lakes Recovery Centers says that if you’re not sure where to start, begin by getting in touch with someone. Then move on to try to get in touch with yourself.

“Communicating with others, number one,” said Forchini. “Trying to reach out, talking to family and friends, checking in with loved ones, checking in with yourself and just having that real conversation. ‘Where am I at? How am I feeling? Where am I at risk and where are my strengths?’ Be able to identify your strengths and really run with those. Find out what you like, what you’re good at, and see how you can surround yourself with those things right now.”

Forchini also says that challenging times like these can actually help us to improve our lifestyle going forward. Paying attention to our feelings and responses and learning form them can also help us to grow as people.

“We tend to grow the most in uncomfortable moments and not when we’re comfortable,” explained Forchini. “And I believe as long as people can just stay focused and really paying attention to themselves and using this as a time to grow, we can all use this as a stepping stone to get us into a more positive lifestyle in the future, which I think is really amazing.”

Another way to cope during this time is to practice gratitude. There are also mindfulness apps such as Smiling Mind, Headspace, and Time Together that can be helpful during stressful times.

Breathing exercises are a coping technique that many find to be beneficial as well. You can view some of those and other tips on the Great Lakes Recovery Centers Facebook page.