Mount Bohemia Ski Resort-Mohawk

MOHAWK — Mount Bohemia resort in Mohawk will be celebrating two decades of service this weekend. This comes just as USA Today names it as one of the top ski resorts in the country.

If you’ve never been skiing before this might not be the course for you. You will find a sign on the property that states: ‘No beginners allowed. Reckless behavior here can kill you.’ There’s a reason warning signs are posted at the entrance of Mount Bohemia ski resort.

Lonie Gleiberman is president of the resort and he says, “Mount Bohemia is a unique ski resort. What makes it really special and makes it one of the top ranked ski resorts in the world is that we have probably the best tree skiing in North America.”

There aren’t just a few trees it’s loaded with them, so skiers and snow boarders have to maneuver thru the course. Factor that with its steepness and you start to understand why it’s an advanced course for experts only. But you’re welcome to try as long as you’ve got the money.

USA Today named it as the third best ski resort in America. This is the second time in a row it’s been on the top five list in the past two years.

But, if you decide you’re not quite ready for the challenge you can always come and enjoy the new Nordic spa, which has a pool, outdoor tub and steam room.

Mount Bohemia Resort is heading into 20 years of service. Tickets here are 74 dollars to ski all day and that gives you access to the Nordic spa as well. Sorry, season tickets are sold out.