Gingerbread town goes on display in Houghton

HOUGHTON — Are you looking for a holiday treat for the entire family? How about visiting a gingerbread town built just like the city of Houghton? You can even help build it.

The exhibit is being featured at the Carnegie Museum. Candy canes, cones and jelly beans are just a few of the items used to make this miniature Houghton candy land. The museum workers have tried to replicate some of the iconic buildings of the Copper Country. You will find candy replicas of the Quincy mine, Amprodome, and even an edible Lift Bridge.

Elise Nelson is manager at Carnegie museum and says, “We save a lot of these from year to year. And every year we lose a few pieces so we repair them.”

An edible town can be tempting for children, so they expect to find some pieces missing each year. Actually not all of the display is made of gingerbread. Graham crackers have proven more durable.The sweet treats are held together with cement icing.

The museum holds a gingerbread house workshop every year that is free to volunteers to come in and make homes or buildings to add to the display. It’s a fragile process that takes the caregivers at least a week to set up.

An open house will be held this Saturday from 2 to 4. Santa will be there along with singers and hot chocolate.