Peak Chiropractic and Natural Wellness holds ribbon cutting ceremony

MARQUETTE — A new chiropractic and natural wellness practice has opened up in Marquette. The doors opened up earlier in November and today they celebrated their official ribbon cutting ceremony.

Peak Chiropractic and Natural Wellness was founded in 2019 by Dr. Pietila who now brings Marquette the latest in natural healthcare. Dr. Ted Pietila is a board-certified chiropractor serving Marquette and its surrounding areas. This practice focuses greatly on non-invasive tools like chiropractic care, applied kinesiology, functional medicine, and nutrition/lifestyle to better understand each individual patient’s health needs.

“We have chiropractic care which is focusing on the brain, the body and the nervous system and how they are communicating,” said Dr. Ted Pietila, Owner of Peak Chiropractic and Natural Wellness. “If there is potential interference they will not be communicating properly which means there is a potential dysfunction. That’s where we come in with a variety of modality such as adjusting, postural awareness, Muscle stretching/strengthening to help make those corrections.”

To learn more about the practice and what it has to offer you can click here.