Lakenenland to host upcoming Free The Music Festival

MARQUETTE– Everybody loves beautiful art and listening to music with their friends; But when you put these two together on top of it being free, their is no better combination.

Lakenenland, which is located in Northern Marquette County, is preparing to host its annual Free The Music Fest this upcoming weekend. Nine bands will be performing and you also would be able to take a look at Tom Lakenens handmade iron sculptures.

” It’s a Free The Music Fest. We’ve have about nine bands playing,” said Tommi Lakenen, the Music Fest Organizer. “Stina Jackson is coming to play, The Ogea Brothers, Prusi Brothers, Trailer Hitch, Backroads 906, and those are all local ones.” Other artist such as Jimmy Mudane, Sarah Schingeck, and Derrell Syria will also be performing.

Lakenenland, which has been open since 2003, will have all of it’s sculptures open to observe while the Music Fest is occurring.

The festival starts at 6:30 on Friday august 9th and 11 am on Saturday, august 10th